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Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering Department

Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University

The NAtional Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA)

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) was established in accordance with the provision of Law No. 10, for the year 2003 'the Telecommunications Regulation Law' as a national authority to administer the telecommunication sector. 
NTRA lies within the equilateral triangle of Industry, State and Consumer. Its main role is to balance the interests of such stakeholders and act as a pace maker within the telecom sector. NTRA objectives and key responsibilities are:

• Protecting national security and higher state interests.

• Encouraging/attracting more investment to the telecom market

• Optimizing the usage of scarce resources such as Radio Frequency and Numbering

• Ensuring that telecommunication services reach all areas of the country and ensuring quality of such services.

• Promoting a fair competition within the telecom market.

• Protecting consumer rights.

• Securing the cyberspace.

• Encouraging R&D activities impacting the society.

• Assuring the compliance with the State-approved provisions of international agreements.

From another perspective, NTRA pays special attention to bridging the gap between academic activities and technical developments from one hand and policy visions and market needs from another. In this regard, NTRA adopts several programs targeting carrying out applied research projects, development of students skills, contribution to standards and international activities, and establishment of national research facilities and labs.