Master of Engineering Program
Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering Department

Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University

Dr.Hesham Dinana

Dr.Nizar Samy



Nesreen El-abiad


Dr.Nizar Samy

Technical Writing and Communication Skills

The three parts of technical texts. Types of texts : letters, reports, proposals executive summaries, memos, job description, CV. Selection key words, titles and subtitles. Editing, revising and proof reading techniques. Basic types and patterns of argument. Electronic word processing and technical writing. Presentation planning. The communication process. Concept of thesis statement and ways to develop it. Structuring a presentation. Rules for writing text charts. Design rules for effective slides and charts. Writing titles. How to deal with a hostile audience, Elements of an effective speech. Speech preparation as a process. Effective body language. Leadership skills : motivation, delegation, meeting, management and negotiation skills, decision making, team management … etc.

Ecp 667

The entrepreneurial revolution, the entrepreneurial process, opportunity recognition and shaping, business model and strategy, entrepreneurial marketing. Founding team building, Business planning process. Financing entrepreneurial ventures. Legal and tax issues, patents and intellectual property. Entrepreneurial growth.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Ecp 666

Technology Management

Technology Strategy, technology forecasting, technology roadmap, technology portfolio, diffusion of innovation, capability maturity model, version control.

Ecp 665

telecommunications Regulations and Legislations

Historical Evolution of telecommunication networks and services. Natural monopoly – Liberalization, Regulation. Telecommunication Law : Basic principles – National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority – Licenses and permits. Spectrum management and licensing – Telecom Egypt - National security and general mobilization – Sanctions. NTRA's roles structure and governance. Licensing process – Enforcement of free competition – monitoring of quality of service. Frequency planning and interference monitoring, numbering plan. Monitoring and approval of service pricing. Type approval.

Ecp 664

Engineering Economics

Engineering economic decisions, financial statements, cost concepts and behaviour. Financial management and principle of investment - Present worth and rate of return analysis. Depreciation, corporate taxes, cash flow and inflation project risk and uncertainties, replacement decision, capital budgeting.

Ecp 663

Project Management

Definition and history – Approaches : Traditional, Prince 2, Critical chain, Event chain, Process based, Agile, Lean, Extreme, Benefits realization. Process : Initiation, Planning and Design, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing Control Systems. Project managers and management types – management triangle – work breakdown structure, management framework – International Standards – Project management software.

Ecp 662

Business Culture : Structure, Law, Types, Business Trends, Ethics, Economics. Financial and Managerial Accounting, Financial Statement. Financial Management, valuation and cost of capital, capital budgeting, long term financial funding, managing working capital. Management theory, goals and strategies, organization structuring, leadership, controls. Marketing definition, marketing plan, market analysis, product development, distribution system.

Crash Course MBA

Ecp 661

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