These are favoured by low class population and a continuous assessment process through personal assignments, projects and in–course seminars. Moreover, the program by–laws require that the Masters graduation project must emanate from industry needs and be jointly supervised by academia and industry experts. In fact, our partnership with industry is the basic feature of our program. It involves collaboration in curriculum design, course elaboration and delivery as well as program governance and funding. Finally, we are constantly developing the spectrum of our academic and industrial partnerships to offer more opportunities and open new horizons to our students. The Professional Masters has been strongly welcomed by university administration as well as by industry leaders on account of its originality and its responsiveness to market needs. Its success has led many departments in our faculty and in other universities to plan for similar programs. If you ambition a stimulating career in industry and targets to be among the community leaders of tomorrow this program is for you.

General Coordinator's Message

The Professional Masters degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering offered by the EECE Department of the Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University is the first of its kind in Egyptian and regional universities. It distinguishes itself from the classical Master of Engineering degrees in many ways. First, its curriculum blends advanced engineering subjects with non-engineering ones. The non-engineering subjects represent 30% of the total credits required and involve a broad choice of teachings in technical writing & communication skills, management, economics, finance, legislation as well as project management, technology management and innovation and entrepreneurship. Second, the engineering subjects offered are divided along functional lines and their contents are designed to reflect the professional orientation of the program. They incorporate knowledge of relevant standards and recommendations as well as the standard software tools used in industry for simulation and design, in addition to advanced lab work. Third, our pedagogical approach priviliges self learning, student – instructor and student – student interactivity.

Master of Engineering Program
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