Master of Engineering Program
Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering Department

Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University

*       Dates in the above table are subject to change

**     Sponsored applicants are exempted from the exam fees.

***   Upon the announcement of the admission results successful applicants should complete the required documents and hand them to the Master Administration.


Early Registration

      Individual Applicants

      Sponsors affiliated applicants

Starting June 5th, 2018

Online, here

Registration for Written Admission Tests**

2 September, 2018

EECE Department Secretariat
Written Admission Test

3 September, 2018

EECE Department Halls

Written Admission Test Results

September 2018EECE Department and High Tech Center


Second Week

September 2018

EECE Department and High Tech Center

Final Admission & Fellowships Results***

Third Week

September, 2018

EECE Department and High Tech Center

Admission Timeline - Academic Year 2017-2018